Kasiq Jungwoo Lee

Based in Seoul, Kasiq is an illustration artist specialised in fashion.
He has involved in numerous commercial and media projects at the global level including Nordstrom, La Rinacente, Samsung, Volkswagen, LVMH, Wallpaper* etc.


La RINASCENTE_Annual Campaign collabo with Scott Shumann
SOTHEBY’s_Wine Collection
VOLKSWAGEN_[New Begin] Project
LVMH _Annual Reports
HYUNDAI MOTORS_Brazil Worldcup
SAMSUNG_Galaxy S7 China
JILLSTUART newyork X Kasiq collaboration
Forbes Espana Cover Illustration
Miyazawa Kenji _novel Illustration
The Silence of Bones _ MacMillan
Palm Angels
Rabbit Hole-whisky


FORBES Espa?a_Cover Artwork
GQ British
GQ Germany/Spain/US
Harper's Bazaar
Marie Claire
Vanity Fair
ISSI Magazine


Ed Sheeran_[Divide] Cover Artwork

Watercolour to Kasiq

Watercolour painting has ‘purity’ and ‘depth’. I have long been fascinated by its attribute of fast colouring arrived after a long time sketching and shaping the ideas in my mind. A simple and wishful purpose of painting a fine work in the first place, changes to the purpose of my own feelings of brushing on papers, which then eventually becomes my own playing games. While enjoying the games, it has evolved to a profession one day.


Some may start to work having set the meaning of work in advance. But I do not. I rather want to find the meaning in the process of actions repeatedly going on. The very answer that I have found so far is that I love what I am doing, the moment I am painting, and like to appreciate my works. It has always been a pleasure to draw the attractive eyes, faces and smiles of the models but I do like more myself painting. I trust that the meaning of work can be changed in which I may find my old works fancier and find a different meaning later. But the simple “behavior” of painting itself would be the true meaning of my works like a man who runs because he likes running itself.